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Helpful product guides, videos, and downloads to assist with the installation and troubleshooting of your dashboard.

TempAlert: Understanding Your Device List

  1. Login to the Insights dashboard
  2. The Device List view is the default view when you first log into Insights
  3. This view enables you to easily inspect the status of each of your devices
  4. Status: The three statuses include Normal, Warning, and Alarm
    • The green Normal status reflects that there are no active alerts for your device
    • The yellow Warning status indicates that a device has breached a threshold, but due to an alarm delay, is not yet sending out an alert
    • The red Alarm status shows that a device has taken a reading outside of its alert threshold (this alert should be addressed immediately)
  5. Device #: Device number (sometimes referred to as device ID) is the unique identifier for each device
  6. Name: This is where you see the devices and their given names (ex. RX Cooler 1, RX Cooler 2, RX Freezer 1, Gateway, etc.)
  7. Monitoring Interval: Indicates how often the device takes a reading
  8. Last Activity: Displays the time and date of the device's last successful reading
  9. View: Click to see the full details of the device, edit the device name, and edit the device reading interval 
  10. Alerts: Click to view alerts set for this specific device
  11. Delete: This link deletes the device from your account along with all associated temperature history

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