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SmartSense Support

Helpful product guides, videos, and downloads to assist with the installation and troubleshooting of your dashboard.

TempAlert: Quick Install Guide

Installation Steps

  1. Confirm Package Contents
  2. Install Sensor Gateway
  3. Install Wireless Sensors & Wireless Screens
  4. Verify System Operation
  5. Changing NIST Sensors

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Step 1: Confirm Package Contents

Step 2: Install Sensor Gateway

  1. Connect the power cable to the gateway and connect the other end to the AC adapter
  2. Plug the AC adapter into the wall and place the "Do Not Unplug" sticker next to the outlet
  3. Orient the antennas perpendicular to the horizon
  4. The status light should start blinking green

Step 3: Install Wireless Sensors & Wireless Screens

Please only install one sensor at a time:

  1. Press and release the power button on the wireless screen
  2. Press and release the power button on the wireless sensor
  3. Place the sensor in the center on the middle rack for the best reading results
  4. Mount the wireless screen on the exterior door (use double-sided tape instead of magnets if needed)
  5. Take the QR code sticker and mount in a visible spot on the cooler or freezer

Step 4: Verify System Operation

  1. After the gateway, wireless sensors, and wireless screens are installed, click here to login to the Insights Dashboard

Step 5: Changing NIST Sensors

Included in your package are NIST sensors. These sensors connect with 5 pins. To ensure proper installation, align the arrow on the NIST sensor with the arrow on Port 1 on the wireless sensor.

  1. Unscrew the old sensor or sensor cap
  2. Align the arrow on the new NIST sensor with the arrow on Port 1
  3. Screw on the NIST sensor

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