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Helpful product guides, videos, and downloads to assist with the installation and troubleshooting of your dashboard.

TempAlert: How to Set Up Group Alerts and Tags

  1. A group alert is a single alert that can be applied to many or all devices within a group
  2. Group alerts can be combined with tags to select which sensors belong to a group alert
  3. A tag is a word or phrase that can be added to devices and sensors for easy searching and Insights account management
    • If you'd rather view a video explaining group alerts and tags, click here
  4. Login to the Insights dashboard
  5. To add a tag to a sensor, select Device List from the Devices tab
  6. Locate the device to which you want to add a tag, and click View

  7. In the Sensor Information section, click edit

  8. In the Tags field, type the word or phrase you wish to create as a tag
  9. Next, click Save Sensor

  10. To create a group alert for this tag, select Device List from the Devices tag
  11. Click the name of the group that contains the devices to which you want to add group alerts
  12. At the top right side of the device list, click Group Alerts

  13. Click Add New Alerts
  14. In the Tags field, previously used tag names display in a dropdown list
  15. You can choose a tag name from the existing list, or type in a new tag
    • If you are typing a tag, be mindful of spelling it correctly because the tag will not filter the proper devices to the alert if it is misspelled
  16. In the Alert Name field, type in a name for the new group alert
  17. From the Notification Frequency dropdown list, choose how often you want to receive this alert
  18. Only send once means an alert is only sent the first time the reading is above or below the alert threshold
  19. For all other Notification Frequency settings, an alert is sent at the chosen interval as long as the reading remains above or below the threshold
  20. The Acknowledgement checkbox can only be clicked if the Notification Frequency is set to any option other than Only send once

  21. In the Conditions area, from the Alert Type dropdown list, choose Temperature
  22. For more information on alert types, click here
  23. From the Alert Threshold dropdown list, choose Above or Below, depending on how you want to set up the temperature alert
  24. In the Alert Threshold field, type a numerical temperature value and set your unit of measurement
  25. In the Alarm Delay field, type the number of delay alert notifications that must occur before the sensor has exceeded its specified threshold value
  26. From the Send Notifications dropdown list, schedule a frequency to receive alarm notifications
  27. For all choices except Always, type a start time and an end time in the appropriate text fields
  28. In the Notifications Alerts area, in the Notification Type dropdown list, choose your preferred alert communication method
  29. Alerts can be sent by email, SMS (text message), and phone depending on your Insights plan
  30. In the Send Alert to field, type in a phone number or email address
  31. To receive an alert clearance notification once the sensor has returned to its normal threshold, click the Send on clear also checkbox
  32. To create additional alert notifications, click Add Another Notification and repeat the steps above
  33. When you are done creating alerts, click Save Alert
  34. The new alert is activated

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