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TempAlert: How to Create Reports

Reports enable you to gather data from your Insights Dashboard account into a shareable PDF document, which can then either be downloaded on demand or emailed to you at a scheduled time

Reports equip you with data that can help you to make informed decisions on everything from the defrost cycles of your refrigeration unit to the reliability of a particular brand of freezer

  1. Login to the Insights Dashboard
  2. Navigate to the reports tab
  3. From the dropdown list, Report History offers a list of all the reports that have been created within the last 90 days
  4. Any of the reports listed in the report history can be re-downloaded into a PDF
  5. You can also create and download on demand reports
  6. From the Reports tab, choose On Demand Report
  7. To generate a report, choose the type of report you wish to download
  8. In the Name field, type a name for the new report
  9. Designate the date and time in the Start Date and End Date fields, which will provide the reporting period for this report
    • Please note that for on demand reports, the end date cannot be in the future
  10. From the Time Zone dropdown list, choose your time zone
  11. Click Generate Report

  12. Within seconds, your report will be ready for download
  13. Click Download Now to download your report for viewing
  14. To create a scheduled report, choose Scheduled Reports from the Reports tab
  15. Any previous reports subscriptions will be listed in this dashboard view
  16. To create a new scheduled report, click Add New Scheduled Report
  17. From the Report Type dropdown list, select a report subscription type
  18. We are setting up an account summary report, which summarizes every device in your account and provides data on all active sensors, including minimum, maximum, and average readings over a 24-hour period
  19. In the Email Address field, add the email address where you would like the report delivered
  20. You can add as many email addresses to a report subscription as needed, just separate each email address with a comma
  21. You can choose to have your report either emailed as an attachment, or you can simply download the report within the body of the email
  22. If you would like to have the report sent as an attachment, click the Send Report as an email attachment checkbox
  23. From the Report Frequency dropdown list, choose how often you want to receive this report
  24. In the Next Run Date/Time field, type the desired date and time for the report to be sent
  25. From the Time Zone dropdown list, choose your time zone
  26. Once you are satisfied with these settings, click Save Report Subscription
  27. To view how many times have been downloaded in the last 90 days, you can click the Downloads link
  28. Editing an existing scheduled report is as simple as clicking the View link and adjusting the settings of the report
  29. Lastly, from this list of scheduled reports, you can also view one-time reports that have been downloaded in the last 90 days
  30. Report subscriptions remain active in Insights until you change the settings or delete the report

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