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SmartSense Support

Helpful product guides, videos, and downloads to assist with the installation and troubleshooting of your dashboard.

SmartSense: Checklist Management

This guide will assist you in understanding and managing checklists as they relate to your SmartSense solution. A checklist is a control or verification method to perform repetitive activities and ensure consistency and completeness of tasks. Typically, checklists are used to ensure that food and safety protocols are followed.

Here is some common terminology associated with checklist management:

  • Checklist: An organized list of tasks that can be scheduled or completed when necessary, commonly used to ensure operating procedures are followed and critical food safety tasks are completed
  • Task: An action commonly completed as part of a checklist
  • Violation: Occurs when a task result does not satisfy the acceptance criteria (ex. a food item that is too hot or a failed quality check)
  • Corrective Action: The action taken to correct or document a task violation
  • Data Range: A named set of values containing a measurement unit that can be shared across tasks and used to define the acceptance criteria for number input and temperature tasks (ex. Cold Food: 32ºF-41ºF or Water pH 6.5ph-8ph)
  • Notification: A message sent to a designated individual via email, SMS text, or phone call notifying that a checklist was missed or a violation occurred
  • SmartSense Probe: A Bluetooth temperature probe used to automate the collection and measurement of equipment and product temperatures (works with the SmartSense Android and iOS app allowing users to capture data on most smartphones and tablets)

Managing Checklists

  1. Navigate to and login using your credentials
  2. Select the Admin tab
  3. Choose Checklist Management from the dropdown
  4. Choose the desired Region and Site from the dropdown menu in the upper left corner

  5. You may also choose a Region and Site from the branch button in the upper right corner
  6. This brings up the following dialogue box where you can make your selection

  7. Select the Checklists tab to view your available checklists
  8. Your checklists will be listed by Name, Type, Frequency (how often it needs to be completed), Start Time, and Time Available (how long the checklist will be available for completion)
  9. To add a checklist, navigate to the Data Ranges tab

  10. Select + Create New Data Range

  11. Create a Description (name for the data range)
  12. Choose the Units the data range will appear in (Fahrenheit, Celsius, or Other)
  13. Choose whether the range will be In-Between or Outside of the selected temperatures
  14. Fill in the Low and High temperature threshold fields
  15. Select Save, or Save + Create Another to create multiple ranges

  16. Select the Corrective Actions tab
  17. Select + Create New Corrective Action

  18. Create a Name for the corrective action
  19. Select any Lists that will include this corrective action
  20. Select what the corrective action will entail under On Select
  21. Select Save, or Save + Create Another to create multiple corrective actions

  22. Select the Tasks tab
  23. Select + Create New Task

  24. Fill out the task Title, Type, Instructions, Data Range, Corrective Action, and Not Available Actions fields
  25. The available form fields may vary based on the task type you choose
  26. Select Save, or Save + Create Another to create multiple tasks

  27. Select the Checklists tab
  28. Select + New Checklist

  29. Fill out the Name, Type, Checklist Available On, Start Time, First Available, Time Available, and Location fields
  30. The available form fields may vary based on the type you choose
  31. Add Checklist Tasks from the + From Task List link

  32. Select the tasks you wish to add to the checklist by using the check boxes
  33. Select Add to include them in the checklist

  34. Select Save, or Save + Create Another to create multiple checklists

  35. Your checklists will now appear in the Dashboard tab, the Checklists tab, and the Checklist Management page (accessible from the Admin tab)

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