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Safetemps: IR Thermometer Instructions

1. Product Introduction and Classification

This product can measure body temperature by collecting the infrared thermal radiation from the human forehead. It is simple and convenient to operate, and the measurement is fast and accurate.

Scope of application: the body temperature of the subject is shown by measuring forehead thermal radiation.

2. Basic Working Principles

Any object will emit infrared thermal radiation energy, and its surface temperature directly determines the radiation energy size and wavelength. Based on this principle, this product adopts a high-precision infrared sensor specifically used for detecting the infrared radiation energy emitted by the the human body with the wavelength of 5-14um, and accurately measures the body temperature through accurate calculation and various compensations and corrections.

3. Product Features

  • High precision infrared sensor, stable and reliable
  • Environmental temperature adaptability, can be used in complex environments
  • Automatically save the last measurement
  • Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Automatic shutdown saves energy

4. Technical Parameters

Model TG8818N
Measurement mode Non-contact
Measuring distance 1cm ~ 5cm
Maximum permissible errors ±0.2ºC
Resolution ratio 0.1ºC
Power supply DC 3V AAA*2
Backlight High brightness backlight
According to the unit ºC/ºF
Auto power-off 15s
Size 150mmx80mmx45mm
Weight 180g
Environmental conditions 15ºC ~ 35ºC
Storage environment 0ºC ~ 50ºC

5. Shape

  1. Infrared detector
  2. LCD
  3. Up button
  4. Down button
  5. Setup button
  6. Measuring button
  7. Battery cover

6. Setup

The product provides five functional Settings, including temperature unit, alarm switch, temperature alarm point, temperature deviation, and measurement mode. The measurement mode setting is set by the mode switch key, and other Settings are set in the Settings menu.

The comparison table of setting menu is as follows:

Menu Function "-" key "+" key Initial value Remark
F1 Temperature unit ºC ºF ºC
F2 Temperature alarm point By 0.1ºC Increased by 0.1ºC 38ºC
F3 Temperature deviation Down 0.1ºC Up to 0.1ºC 0.0 The scope of ±3ºC
F4 Cue switch Off On On

Measurement mode setting:

When the machine is on, press the "set" button to switch the measurement mode to body temperature and surface temperature.

Temperature unit set - F1

Press and hold the "set" key for 2 seconds, the screen will display F1, and the Celsius icon will flicker. Press the "-" key to switch units of "Fahrenheit", and press the "+" key to switch Celsius.

Setting Temperature Alarm Point - F2

Press "set" key for 2 seconds to display F1 on the screen, press "set" key to enter F2 once, then press "+" key to increase the temperature by 0.1ºC, press "-" key to reduce the temperature by 0.1ºC. Note: The default value for alarm is 38ºC (100.4ºF).

Temperature Offset Setting - F3

Press and hold the "set" key for 2 seconds to display F1 on the screen, press and hold the "set" key to enter F3 for 2 times, then press and hold the "+" key to increase the offset value by 0.1ºC, and press and hold the "-" key to reduce the offset value by 0.1ºC.

Cue Switch - F4

Press and hold the "set" key for 2 seconds, the screen will show F1, press and hold the "set" key for 3 times to enter F4, then press and hold the "+" key to start the buzzer, press and hold the "-" key to close the buzzer.


  1. After setting the parameters, save your Settings. Your new Settings will not be saved if you shut the device down before saving.
  2. If you are in the Settings menu, pressing the measurement key will not record temperature.
  3. Body temperature mode is used to measure body temperature, which is dynamically compensated for by the ambient temperature and the forehead surface temperature.
  4. Depending on environmental temperature, measurement distance, specific individual skin differences, and other factors, the temperature deviation value can be corrected by the difference between the measured value of the target and the real value. The correction range is limited to -3.0ºC ~ 3.0ºC. The factory default value is 0.0ºC.

7. Measurement Method

Make sure the screen is in temperature mode.

Aim the probe of the thermometer at the middle of the forehead and maintain a vertical distance of about 3cm ~ 5cm. Press the "measure" button, about 1 second later the measured temperature will be displayed. If the measured value exceeds the temperature alarm point (default 38ºC), a "Beep" alarm will sound.

When a change of ambient temperature has a great impact on forehead temperature, please measure the earlobe.


  1. Keep the inner cavity of the sensor and probe clean before and after use.
  2. Keep the thermometer in a stable temperature environment. When ambient temperature changes greatly, leave the IR thermometer for about 10 minutes before attempting to measure.
  3. Do not measure body temperature immediately after measuring the temperature of an extremely high or low temperature object.
  4. When a measurement object comes from a place with a large difference from the measured ambient temperature, it should remain in the testing environment for at least 5 minutes.
  5. Try not to measure in cases where the subject has just used a hair dryer, has water dripping, is sweating, is applying cosmetics, etc. Don't take measurements within 30 minutes of exercising, showering, or eating.

8. Maintenance and Precautions

  • Please keep the inner cavity of the sensor and probe clean, otherwise the accuracy of the measurement will be affected. Use a clean soft cloth or cotton swab moistened with medical alcohol to clean the device. Wait for the alcohol to fully dry before using device.
  • Please read this manual carefully before using to make sure the battery is installed.
  • Do not immerse the thermometer in liquid. Do not leave it in high or low temperature environments for long periods of time.
  • Avoid dropping, bumping, or scratching the device. Do not disassemble the device yourself.
  • The thermometer should not be used in sunlight, water, or strong magnetic interference environments.
  • It is recommended to practice several times to familiarize yourself with the device. Avoid unintentionally changing factory Settings.
  • Measurements are not a substitute for a physician's diagnosis.
  • Please contact the seller or manufacturer if there are any problems using the device.
  • Please properly dispose of the product at the end of its service life according to local laws and regulations.

9. Troubleshooting

Diagnosis Solution
Screen displays "LO" or "HI"
  1. Check the measurement target. Sweating, application of cosmetics, and other conditions can interfere with measurement.
  2. Check the temperature offset Setting (factory default is 0.0ºC)
  3. Check the operating environment. Environmental changes can have great influence on measurement.
  4. If the ambient temperature changes too much, or the measurement of ultra-high temperature objects directly changes the measurement of the low temperature object, a measurement difference will occur. Place the thermometer in a stable environment for 10 minutes. Test the heat balance before use.
  5. Check the measuring distance (1-3cm).
Button not responding Unload and reload the batteries. Check if you are operating in the Settings menu.
No display or display abnormal Reload the batteries.
No alert tone Check if the alert tone setting is off.
Shut down immediately after starting Check the battery levels and reload the batteries.

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