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Safetemps: SmartSense Dashboard - How to Enable Email Notifications

This guide describes the steps needed to enable Safetemps email notifications for your users. Please read this entire guide before starting.

  1. Navigate to and login.
  2. Select the "Admin" option in the site navigation.
  3. Select "User Management" from the dropdown menu.

  4. Add or edit all users that should receive email notifications.

  5. The "Location Role" is the system flag that enables users to receive email notifications. To add a "Location Role" to a user, select the user's name. Select an existing "Location Role" or create a new one. Any new "Location Roles" will be available to select for all users.
    Note: "Location Roles" can be added to any group or location that users have access to. If the "Location Role" is added to a group level, the user will receive notifications for all locations within that group.

  6. After users have been edited, select "Digital Logbook" in the site navigation.

  7. Select "Checklists" from the dropdown menu.
  8. Select the "Checklist Group" that contains your "Screening Checklist."

  9. From within the group, select the "Pencil Edit Icon" on your "Screening Checklist."

  10. In the "Notify on Failure" field, select the "Location Role" you used above.

  11. Select "Save."
  12. Users will now receive an email notification anytime a Safetemps screening produces a "Denied Access" result.

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