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Helpful product guides, videos, and downloads to assist with the installation and troubleshooting of your dashboard.

Digi SmartTemps: X2E Gateway Installation Guide

Installing an X2E Gateway

  1. Find a location for the gateway near power and in a location central to the Smart Guard sensors on your refrigerators and freezers
  2. Plug the gateway into power
  3. Using the included double-sided tape, attach the gateway to the wall as high as the power cable will allow you to
  4. The gateway should display a green light on the power indicator (the cell reception indicator will also display a green light)
  5. The entire process will take about five minutes to boot

LED Reference

  1. System Power Status 
    • Solid light: X2E is plugged in and receiving power
  2. Sensor Network Status
    • Solid light: sensor network is not active
    • Flashing light: sensor network is active
  3. Cellular Reception Quality 
    • Light off: poor cell reception
    • Orange: average cell reception
    • Green: superior cell reception
  4. Internet Connectivity Status / Sensor Traffic Indicator 
    • Green flashing light: attempting the internet connection
    • Solid green light: connected to the internet 
    • Orange flashing light: sensor traffic

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