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SmartSense Support

Helpful product guides, videos, and downloads to assist with the installation and troubleshooting of your dashboard.

Digi SmartTemps: Smart Shield Troubleshooting Guide


  1. Screen
  2. Thermocouple
  3. Probe
  4. Charging Port
  5. Navigation Buttons


Issue: My menu will not display on Smart Shield

Resolution: If the menu was changed that day in Command Center, choose Check for New Menu on the System Menu screen to update the menu on the Smart Shield

  • Menu weeks need assigned on Command Center (if on cycle weeks)
  • Ensure the Smart Link reads: Network=Ethernet, Zigbee=Active
  • If not, unplug the device for ten seconds and reconnect
  • Allow four minutes for device to reboot 
  • Generation 2 devices will need to display three green lights (blinking or solid)

Issue: Screen Flashes in a strobe-like pattern

Resolution: The charger may not be compatible

  • Plug the charger into the device and make sure both connections are tight to verify
  • Ensure charger is functioning properly
  • If possible, try to charge with another Android charger (cell phone)

Issue: Data will not transfer from the Smart Shield to Command Center

Resolution: Ensure the Smart Shield is in close proximity to the Smart Link

  • Click Send Records from the System Menu screen
  • Reboot the device from the System Menu screen and allow information to transfer

Issue: Smart Shield will not verify and/or calibrate correctly

Resolution: Ensure you are calibrating with the correct mixture of ice to water (try using a mixture of all ice and a small amount of water, rather than minimal ice floating in water)

  • Choose Reboot Device from the System Menu screen
  • If calibration and/or verification comes in at 150ºF or more, a new thermocouple probe may be needed
  • Ensure that the probe is connected properly (pull the probe out and plug it back in)

Issue: The screen is frozen (on any menu screen is screen is white with no text)

Resolution: Hold down BACK button firmly for twenty seconds to attempt to reset the device

  • Allow device to drain its battery life to reset
  • Leave the device unplugged overnight

Issue: Red line on the screen with Hard Faulty Exception displayed

Resolution: Allow device to drain its battery life to reset

Issue: The menu being displayed is incorrect

Resolution: The Smart Shield may be from a different location (Smart Shields must be assigned to a specific location to download a menu, and cannot be moved without changing assignments)

  • To change a Smart Shield's assignment, contact SmartSense Solution Support at 1-866-806-2653
  • The Smart Shield could be out of reach of the Smart Link, which may not allow downloading of the correct menu (use the Check for New Menu option with the Smart Shield in the same room as the Smart Link)
  • Weeks may not be assigned in Command Center, or may be improperly assigned (any changes made during the day require the Request a New Menu option on the System Menu screen to update)
  • Make sure the Smart Link is in working order (the device's screen should read Network=Ethernet, Zigbee=Active)
  • If not, unplug the black power cable from the Smart Link for ten seconds, reconnect, and allow the device to reboot for four minutes
  • Generation 2 devices will need to display 3 green lights (blinking or solid)

Issue: Incorrect or inconsistent temperatures being displayed

Resolution: Check the connection between the thermocouple probe and the Smart Shield (disconnect and reconnect the thermocouple to the device to ensure proper connection)

  • Ensure the thermocouple probe has been recently calibrated and/or verified (recommended weekly)
  • If you have another thermocouple probe, swap them out and retake the temperatures
  • If the issue remains, it is more than likely an issue with the Smart Shield
  • If the problem corrects itself, then it is more than likely an issue with the thermocouple probe

Issue: What's the easiest way to attempt to fix something?

Resolution: On the System Menu screen, choose Reboot Device (this will often correct anything that is able to be fixed as long as something doesn't need replaced)

  • Allow the power to drain out of the device
  • Never attempt to unscrew and/or open the device to attempt repairs yourself

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