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SmartSense Support

Helpful product guides, videos, and downloads to assist with the installation and troubleshooting of your dashboard.

Digi SmartTemps: Smart Guard Quick Start Guide


  1. Send Data Button
  2. LED Screen
  3. Glycol Simulator
  4. Battery Slide Cover
  5. Green Wire Port
  6. White Toggle Switch (Ambient vs. Simulator)
  7. Simulator Wires

Probe Wire Reattachment

  1. Identify the Smart Guard with a disconnected probe wire
  2. Release the Smart Guard from its mounting bracket
  3. Using a small screw driver on either side of the Smart Guard, press driver head into the space between the end of the bracket and Smart Guard side panel
  4. While holding the screw driver inside the space, bend the screw driver to force the Smart Guard to detach from its bracket

Insert the probe wires into the green clips

  1. Insert probe wire into green clip slots 3 and 4 (wires should not be touching)
  2. Lightly tug on wires to ensure they are properly attached to the green clips
  3. If the wires are not secure, repeat steps 1 and 2 until the wires remain secure
  4. Make sure the white Internal/External thermistor switch is in an upward position for external thermistor use

Return the Smart Guard to the mounted bracket

  1. Line up the Smart Guard to the bracket and press into place until your hear a click sound (this indicates the Smart Guard is secure)
  2. To update the temperature on the Smart Guard, press the button next to the LCD screen
  3. After pressing the button, the correct temperature should be displayed on the Smart Guard's screen

Connectivity Troubleshooting

  1. Identify the Smart Guard reporting No Activity alerts
  2. Identify the signal strength of the Smart Guard by pressing and holding the triangle button to the left of the screen
  3. If signal strength is zero or above (ex. positive), that would equal WOW signal strength
  4. If signal strength is zero to -25, that would equal Superb signal strength
  5. If signal strength is -25 to -50, that would equal Good signal strength
  6. If signal strength is -50 to -75, that would equal Fair signal strength
  7. If signal strength is -75, that would equal Poor signal strength
  8. If -50 or lower, you may want to adjust the Smart Link gateway to be closer to the Smart Guard, or consider purchasing a SmartSense signal boosting gateway

Rebooting a Smart Guard

  1. Remove all 3 AA batteries from the Smart Guard and put them back in
  2. Hold the device as high as the wire will allow, and press the triangle button again
  3. Store records should appear counting down
  4. If the records continue to count up, consider relocating the Smart Link gateway to be closer to the Smart Guard

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