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Digi SmartTemps: How to View Temperature Data in Command Center

  1. Log in to the Command Center (for more detailed information on logging in, click here)
  2. The default screen for Command Center is Temperatures > Equipment Monitoring
  3. Pending your access level, you can select the Site drop-down to navigate through sites (Please contact your system director to alter your user access level)
  4. Double-click on a device to prompt a pop-up box
  5. The Summary tab displays a graph of temperatures over the last 24 hours, as well as the alert levels and alert actions
  6. If you see No Actions Set, this indicates you need to assign a user to be alerted for the actions set (for more information on creating alerts, click here)
  7. Click on the Graphs tab to see a graph of temperature versus time
  8. You can adjust the start and end dates using the calendar dropdown menus
  9. All data can viewed in 3 month increments, going back 7 years
  10. Use the Print button to print the graphs to another page
  11. Click on the Reports tab to see a list of temperatures over time
  12. The date range can be modified by using the calendar dropdowns
  13. Temperatures can be shown at a certain frequency using the Frequency dropdown (ex. selecting 2 will show a list of 2-hour averages)
  14. You can print out the data or export to Excel using the 'Export' button

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