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Helpful product guides, videos, and downloads to assist with the installation and troubleshooting of your dashboard.

Digi SmartTemps: How to Create a New User

  1. Log in to the Command Center (for more detailed information on logging in, click here)
  2. Navigate to the Users tab under Manage
  3. Expand a site folder by pressing the + button by the site name
  4. Select the role of the new user (ex. Supervisor)
  5. Click on Create User
  6. Fill out the new user's information in the pop-up box
  7. Enter the user's full name in the Name field and short name in the Short Name field
  8. Enter the user's email address in the Username and Email fields
  9. Enter "welcome" in the Password and Confirm fields 
  10. If you do not own a Smart Shield, you can ignore the Shield Password and User ID fields
  11. When finished, click Create User

  12. Double-click on a user's name to bring up a new popup
  13. Click on the Contacts tab and then click on Create

  14. On the new pop-up, choose how you would like the user to be contacted by using the Contact Method dropdown (email, phone, or SMS)
  15. Enter the email or phone number you would like the user to be contacted at in the Email or Number field
  16. Click Save Changes
  17. Repeat steps 14-16 if additional contact methods are required
  18. Please note that not all users need to have contact information completed, however, if you want a user to receive alerts, there must be a contact method entered
  19. Next, click on the Roles tab
  20. You can assign the user to a specific Group and Site using the dropdowns
  21. Use the Role dropdown to assign the user a role
  22. When finished click the Add Role button

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