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Digi FreshTemp: How to Pair TempAlert Probes

  1. The TempAlert probe is pictured below
  2. To turn the probe on and off, simply press and hold the power button for about three seconds
  3. Before trying to pair your probe through the application, there are a few settings that need to be checked in your tablet's settings
  4. Scroll down and tap Privacy
  5. The top setting will be Location Services; confirm that this setting is turned on
  6. Scroll up and tap Bluetooth
  7. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on, but not paired with your probe
  8. If you need to, unpair your probe from your tablet
  9. Tap the small i icon next to the probe name
  10. Tap Forget This Device, and your probe will be unpaired from your tablet
  11. Open the FreshTemp application
  12. Once logged in, click the three menu bars icon, tap Account, and then tap Settings
  13. At the bottom of the Settings page, you should see four pictures of probes
  14. Confirm that the probe selected is the TempAlert probe
  15. Once the correct probe has been selected, back out to the Account screen
  16. From there, tap Bluetooth
  17. Turn your probe on and tap Reset Connection
  18. You should see your probe's name appear
  19. Tap your probe's name
  20. When you select your probe, you will get a pop up asking if you want to Pair or Cancel
  21. Be sure you tap Pair

  22. Tap Reset Connection again, and reselect your probe
  23. When you see a temperature displayed above Update Name, you are set to use your probe as normal

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