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SmartSense Support

Helpful product guides, videos, and downloads to assist with the installation and troubleshooting of your dashboard.

Digi FreshTemp: Getting Started

  1. Log into the FreshTemp dashboard (for more detailed information on logging in, click here)
  2. Use the login credentials supplied in the Welcome and Installation email
  3. Once logged in, navigate to the FreshSense section from the main menu
  4. From here you can see all of the sensors that are reporting 
    • The sensor refresh rate is approximately 3 minutes
    • If you see a question mark next to a sensor, similar to below, make sure at least 3 minutes have passed since pressing the Signal button on the sensor
    • Try refreshing your browser if you don't see any updates
    • If your sensors still aren't reporting, click here for troubleshooting assistance
  5. Plug the gateway into power
  6. The SmartSense gateway has a number of indicator lights you will see when it's connected to power (allow 1 to 2 minutes for a connection to establish)
    1. System Power Status 
      • Solid light: X2E is plugged in and receiving power
    2. Sensor Network Status
      • Solid light: sensor network is not active
      • Flashing light: sensor network is active
    3. Cellular Reception Quality 
      • Light off: poor cell reception
      • Orange: average cell reception
      • Green: superior cell reception
    4. Internet Connectivity Status / Sensor Traffic Indicator 
      • Green flashing light: attempting the internet connection
      • Solid green light: connected to the internet 
      • Orange flashing light: sensor traffic
  7. Once the lights match as stated above, pick up a sensor and press the Signal icon on the right side of the sensor
  8. The sensor also has indicator lights you will see after pressing the Signal icon
    • Blinking Yellow LED: Sensor is communicating with the gateway
    • Solid Yellow LED: Sensor is active, but not sending a signal to the gateway
    • No Light: Sensor is not active and the batteries may need to be replaced

Gateway Installation

  1. Find a location to install your gateway that is central to all of your sensors
  2. Place the gateway as high on the wall as the wire will allow
  3. Avoid placing the gateway in an area with a lot of interference (ex. a location that a lot of stock items will be placed in front of)

Sensor Installation

  1. Hang the sensors in refrigerated units using the included zip ties and the mounting tabs on the sides of the sensor
    • It is recommended to place the sensors near a door or the warmest place within the equipment
  2. Make note of the last four digits of each sensor's ID and the names of the units they're installed in
    • Example ID: 0013A2004162XXXX
  3. You will use this information to name the sensors in the next section

Naming Sensors

  1. Login to the FreshTemp dashboard (for more detailed information on logging in, click here)
  2. Click on the FreshSense link from the main menu
  3. Click on the sensor you wish to name
  4. Click the Edit button
  5. From this popup, you can edit the following:
    • Name of the sensor
      • The XXXX is the key identifier of this sensor, do not remove it
      • We suggest changing the Sensor text to the unit where the sensor is located
    • Low (ºF) temperature threshold
    • High (ºF) temperature threshold

Viewing Data and Managing Devices

  1. The sensors check and send temperature every 3 minutes
  2. View data on the FreshTemp dashboard by signing into the mobile app or the website at (for more detailed information on logging in, click here)
  3. You can use the dashboard to do the following:
    • View temperature data, graphs, and alarms for all of your FreshTemp equipped units
    • Manage sensors and tasks
    • Set high and low-temperature thresholds for alarm notifications
    • Print or export temperature data as reports

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