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Helpful product guides, videos, and downloads to assist with the installation and troubleshooting of your dashboard.

Digi FreshTemp: Fresh Sense Sensor Troubleshooting Guide

Sensor temperatures are not reporting on the dashboard

  1. If temperatures are not reporting on your dashboard, this may be due to battery or signal issues
    • Locate the sensor and press the Signal button
    • Look for a solid yellow or flashing light indicating power
      • If the light is solid or flashing, the sensor has battery power, but is not connected to the gateway
      • Take the sensor to the gateway for 10 minutes or so
      • An updated temperature should appear on the dashboard
      • Adjust placement of the sensor and / or gateway to improve signal
    • If the sensor has been placed near the gateway and the temperature has not updated within 10 minutes or so, change the batteries with 2 AA lithium batteries and look for data to resume
    • If temperature is still not appearing on the dashboard, contact SmartSense Support

  2. If all sensors have stopped communicating temperature data to your dashboard, this indicates that the gateway is offline
    • Ensure the gateway is plugged in and all the lights are illuminated
    • Power cycle the gateway by unplugging it and then plugging it back into power
    • If data fails to update to your dashboard, contact SmartSense Support

Sensors are reporting an improper temperature

  1. Sensor is reporting temperatures such as -30ºF or 728ºF
    • If you're using a FreshTemp thermistor, unplug the thermistor and plug it back in
      • Allow a few minutes for the temperature to update to your dashboard
    • Change the batteries in the sensor with 2 AA lithium batteries
    • If your dashboard has not updated with a proper temperature, contact SmartSense Support

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