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TempAlert Support

Helpful product guides, videos, and downloads to assist with the installation and troubleshooting of your dashboard.

No Data Series Error

After  installing and configuring your device correctly, if your still seeing  "No Data Series" under the status tab there might still be an issue.   This guide will cover some of the most common causes of this error.

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Long Interval

The  most common cause of this is simply not giving the software enough time  to generate a reading.  The default interval is set at 600 seconds (10  minutes).  This means you need to give the software 10 minutes before a  reading is captured and displayed.  You can change this interval under  the settings tab.  Please remember to click "Save & Restart" after  making changes, and allow the software some extra time after restarting.


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Drivers not Installed Properly


The main thing to look for in a successful install is that your  device is detected on COMX in the software.  You should also be able to  see the device under Device Manager on your PC.  If the device is  detected, the software is working properly and just needs time to  actually take a reading.

If your device is not detected, please follow this guide:Finding The Latest Drivers


Reboot the Computer


After installing the software and/or drivers, some computers will  require a reboot in order to run the device properly.  This is  especially true if upgrading from older versions of either.  If none of  the previous stepped have solved your issue, a simple reboot of your PC  should get things up and running.


Device Is Using Insights/Sensor Cloud


Readings in the software are disabled when using Insights/Sensor  Cloud mode. Version 4.5 is in Insights/Sensor Cloud mode by default.  Click "Settings" then click "Switch to Developer Mode". After you click  "Save and Start" a reading should be visible after the set  interval(default is 600 seconds/10 minutes).

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