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Helpful product guides, videos, and downloads to assist with the installation and troubleshooting of your dashboard.

Digi FreshTemp: Creating and Assigning Alerts

  1. Login to the FreshTemp dashboard (for more detailed information on logging in, click here)
  2. Before you are able to create an alarm, you must first have contacts for the alarms to be assigned to
  3. To create a contact, click the Contact link on the side panel menu
  4. Then, click the Create button
  5. The following pop will appear:
    • To create a contact, you must provide a name, email address, and phone number
    • Select how you would like to receive alarms, reminders, and notifications
    • Please note that you can select more than one alarm route, while you can only choose one route for reminders and notifications (this can be changed anytime)
  6. Once a contact has been created, you will be able to create an alert action
  7. Click the Alarms link on the side panel menu
  8. The following screen will be displayed:
  9. There are three types of alarms that you are able to create: Temperature Alarms, Sensor Connection Alarms, and Gateway Connection Alarms
  10. Temperature Alarms will alert when the temperature falls out of a range for a duration of time
  11. You can customize this to suit your needs, and create as many alarms as you would like
    • Under Alarm Type, simply select Rises Above or Drops Below to indicate when you would like the alarm to occur
    • Under Temperature, use the dropdown menu to select the number you would like the alarm alert at
    • Use the Duration dropdown to select how long the temperature can be out of range before you get an alert: you can choose to be alerted immediately or delay the alarm anywhere between 5 minutes and 2 hours
    • Please note that the temperature must be out range for the entire duration before the alarm is sent out; if the temperature goes back into range, the timer will reset
    • For example, in the picture below, the alarm will be sent when the temperature rises above 85 degrees for 30 consecutive minutes
  12. Sensor Connection Alarms are used to alert you when your sensor stops responding to your gateway
  13. This alarm is important for helping you prevent lost temperature data from your units
    • After naming your alarm, you will need to decide how long the sensor can be offline for before you receive the alarm
    • You can choose anywhere between 5 minutes and 2 hours
    • The first checkbox will indicate if you want this alarm applied to all of your sensors, or if you want to choose which sensors will alert for this particular alarm
    • Under Select Contacts, choose who will receive this alarm
  14. Location Outage Alarms will alert you when your gateway is offline
  15. Much like Sensor Connection Alarms, this helps you prevent the loss of data from your units
    • Here, you simply select how long the gateway can be offline before you receive the alarm
    • You can select anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours for the Duration time
    • Under Select Contacts, you can select which contacts you want to receive this alarm
  16. To verify your alarm has been created, first click the FreshSense link on the side menu
  17. From here, select the sensor you wish to edit
  18. You should see the screen below
  19. Any alarms you have created for this sensor will appear under the Alarms section
  20. The Manage button will allow you to select and deselect the assigned alarms to suit your needs

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