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Helpful product guides, videos, and downloads to assist with the installation and troubleshooting of your dashboard.

Digi SafeTemps: How to View Standard Reports

The SafeTemps dashboard allows your to view a variety of report information for insight into your operation.  Standard reports allow you to view data about your SmartSense sensors. 

  1. Log into the SafeTemps dashboard (for more detailed information on logging in, click here)
  2. Navigate to the account that you would like to view reports for and select Reports
  3. Select the Standard tab
  4. Select reports applicable to your account to view further information
  5. Reports can be exported into PDF or Excel files by clicking on PDF or Excel, located at the top or bottom of the report
  6. Available Reports are:
    • Access Points: View all access points attached to the account and the last time that they have communicated data to SafeTemps
    • Temperature Graphs: View temperature data from one or multiple sensors in graph form, as well as detect defrost cycles
    • Weekly Audit: View an AM Reading and PM Reading of all sensors with in a selected week
    • Sensor Point Audit: View a report of the temperature of all sensors for a selected date and time
    • Temp History: View all recorded temperature data of a selected sensor within a selected date range
    • Alerts: View active alerts, as well as alert history for a unit or specific sensor
    • Assets Location: View a report of all sensors, which access point they last connected to and the last time the sensor reported data to SafeTemps
    • View Map: Used for large facilities, view map allows you to locate any sensor within your facility by identifying the associated unit and sensor ID
    • Sensor Point Audit Detail: View and compare temperature data from similar sensors within the account

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