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Digi SafeTemps: How to Create a User Group

A user group is a set list of permissions that will determine users access to the SafeTemps dashboard and mobile app. For example, you may create a user group allowing users to only view the dashboard, but not allow the user to make any changes to dashboard settings.

Note: User groups are created at the top org dashboard only and can only be managed by users with access to the top org dashboard

  1. Log into the SafeTemps dashboard (for more detailed information on logging in, click here)
  2. Select Admin
  3. Select User Groups

  4. Select +Add User Group to create a new User Group
  5. Select Edit next to any user group to edit a current user group
  6. Select the permissions that you would like users assigned to this user group to have, and then select Update to save your changes
  7. The user group permissions that you can customize include:
    • Alerts
    • Sensors
    • Standard Reports
    • HACCP Reports
    • Task Reports
    • Admin Options
    • Admin Options (Organizational View)
    • Mobile App
    • System Wide Access (Editing)
  8. Assigning a user group to a user can be completed through the Admin, Manage Users feature

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