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Digi SafeTemps: How to Create and Manage Corrective Actions

Different alert types may require different types of interventions. Corrective Actions are used to quickly identify the course of action taken in responding to an alert. To establish categories of corrective action for types of alerts:

  1. Log into the SafeTemps dashboard (for more detailed information on logging in, click here)
  2. Make sure you're at the master level of the organization, starting at the Account Selection button

  3. In the dashboard view, click the Admin button

  4. Click the Corrective Action Categories button

  5. Corrective Actions are broken into categories, and under each category there are uniquely assigned actions
  6. To create a new category, click the Add Corrective Action Category button
  7. In this menu, you can assign a numerical ID and an alpha-numeric description for the category (ex. 1 - Hot Items)

  8. In the new category, you can now add corrective actions
  9. These actions are simply for the purpose of categorizing actions for documentation purposes
    • The description of the action should reflect the action that the reviewer took
    • For example, if a user reviews an alert that has been categorized into "Hot Items," and selects from the list of actions "Throw Away" as a response, this user is indicating they have thrown away the product associated with the alert
  10. As well as the description (e.g. "Throw Away"), an abbreviation is required for further documentation purposes 
  11. Edits to corrective actions can be made from this screen at any time, from either the category or action level

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