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Digi SafeTemps: How to Generate Shipping Temperature Reports

In order to find a temperature report for a single sensor for the duration of a shipment:

  1. Log into the SafeTemps dashboard (for more detailed information on logging in, click here)
  2. Navigate to the group that holds the sensor in question by clicking the Account Selection button, and then selecting the desired transportation group

  3. On the dashboard view for this transportation group, click the Reports button

  4. Selecting the Shipments button will open the Supervisor Report screen, where you may select the time frame over which you wish to see the report 
    • You may filter results based on a specific sensor or specific destination.

  5. If the duration is further than 14 days back, or you wish to view a specific time range, the Custom range option from the dropdown menu will allow you to specify trip start and end times

  6. You may also check the Active Trips Only box to exclude old and ended trip results
  7. Once your search parameters have been defined, click the Refresh button to view results
    • If there are multiple results, scroll through the page to find the desired sensor by Purchase Order, Sensor ID, Origin or Destination
    • This view will also show alert state of the sensor, and whether or not the order has been released
  8. Click on the Report button
    • This will generate your Shipment Temperature Report
  9. In the following example report, we can see that the temperature should not exceed 39.0 degrees Fahrenheit 
  10. However, this sensor is telling us that the temperature exceeded 39.0 degrees for the entirety of the trip
  11. This means that whatever temperature-sensitive cargo is being carried is no longer viable and is no good to the client
  12. Example Report:
  13. Once the report has been reviewed, click the Acceptance button at the top of the report
  14. This opens the Trip Acceptance window
  15. If the results of the trip report are satisfactory, the reviewer may click Release to acknowledge that the trip was reviewed
    • Any comments can be recorded in the Optional Note field
    • If the results are unacceptable, such as in the above example, the reviewer may reject the trip
  16. A PDF copy of the trip report can also be downloaded
  17. Example PDF:

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