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Digi SafeTemps: How to Interpret Trip Reports

  1. Login to the SafeTemps dashboard (for more detailed information on logging in, click here)
  2. Navigate to the intended transportation group in your hierarchy via the Account Selection tool, located in the upper right corner

  3. Active trips are represented by a green icon, while stopped units have red icons
  4. Select a unit to view a pop-up menu with that unit's sensor data
  5. Click on the Current Trip button on the pop-up menu to open Trip Reports

  6. To view a graph of sensor data, click the Trip Report Details tab
  7. The graph view contains data from the entire length of a unit trip
  8. Because this is so much information, it can be hard to discern what it is you're looking at
  9. Focusing on a smaller window of time will improve visibility of the data
  10. By clicking the edges of the line graph at the bottom of the screen, the data can be focused to represent smaller amounts of time
  11. By understanding events represented in the graph, temperature fluctuations can be better understood
  12. For instance, an open trailer door (represented by a high plateau) can cause temperature to rise
  13. Similarly, whether the refrigerator generator is running or not can contribute to the rise or fall of a temperature

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