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SmartSense Support

Helpful product guides, videos, and downloads to assist with the installation and troubleshooting of your dashboard.

Digi SafeTemps: Getting Started

Sensor Installation

  1. Each SmartSense B Sensor is shipped in a package labeled with the name of the piece of equipment it belongs to
  2. SmartSense B Sensors are shipped active and ready to communicate
  3. Using the included zip ties, secure the B Sensor inside your equipment
    • Trim excess plastic tie so the Honeycomb Temperature Sensor reflects similar to the photos below
    • Using included zip ties, secure the B Sensors inside your equipment
    • Trim excess plastic tie so the B Sensors look like the photos

    • Make note of each sensor’s serial number (for example, D0001234) and the names of the refrigerated units they’re installed in
    • You'll use this information to name the sensors in the Quick Start Guide Web Portal section

B Gateway Installation

  1. The SmartSense B Gateway is a hub that receives temperature and time data from the B Sensors
  2. Data is synced to the host over your Wi-Fi or cellular connection

  3. Additional Supplies Needed:
    • 12 V Power Supply
    • Velcro Fasteners
    • Zip Ties
  4. Connecting Your Smart Gateway
    • Download the Digi Coldchain App from the iOS App Store or Google Play
    • Login to the mobile application using the Username and Password provided in the welcome email
    • Note: The B Gateway can take up to 10 minutes to report a connection when first powered on.
    • From the dashboard, tap on the Menu button
    • Tap Gateways
    • Here, you will see if the gateway connected successfully
    • When installing the B Gateway, choose placement that is central to all of your sensors and make sure it has a line-of-site path to the sensors
      • The following typical kitchen layout demonstrates how to install the sensors and Smart Gateway
      • Use the mounting holes on the B Gateway or the provided Velcro fasteners to install the device

View Data and Manage Devices

  1. B Sensors check the temperature every 60 seconds and send temperature data to the B Gateway every 10 minutes, or when the temperature changes 1.5°C (2.7°F) or more
  2. The B Gateway reports temperature data to the SafeTemps dashboard every 5 minutes. 
  3. You can view data on the SafeTemps dashboard by signing into the mobile app or website (for more detailed information on logging in, click here)
  4. Use the web portal to do the following:
    • View temperature details, graphs, and warnings or alerts for all your sensor-equipped units
    • Manage B Gateway and B Sensors
    • Set high and low temperature ranges for alert notifications
    • Acknowledge alerts
    • Filter data to specific B Gateways or B Sensors
    • Print or export temperature data as reports

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