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Digi SafeTemps: How to Set up Notifications

Notifications will alert users when refrigeration or freezer units are outside of the set thresholds. This allows users to act quickly to save product and equipment if a temperature excursion occurs. To enable a user to get notifications for the entire organization and all accounts, you will need to set notifications at the organization level. To enable a user to get notifications for a specific account only, you will need to set notifications on that account.

  1. Login to the SafeTemps dashboard (for more detailed information on logging in, click here)
  2. To set up notifications, first navigate to the site that you would like to set up notifications for
  3. View the Organization to set up notifications for all accounts, or view a specific site account to set up notifications for only one account
  4. Click the Admin button
  5. Click the Manage Notifications button
  6. Click the Add Notification button to create a new notification
    • Next click the Edit button next to any notification to edit an existing notification
  7. Complete the below fields to set up notifications as desired, then click the Update button to save your changes:
    • Description: What types of notifications are being sent
    • Email: Enter the email address of the recipient (available to all customers)
    • SMS: Enter phone number to receive text messages (contact SmartSense Support if you are interested in adding SMS Text alerts for your account) 
    • Auto Phone Call: Enter phone number to receive phone calls
    • Access Point: Access Point(s) to receive notifications on
    • Status: enabled or disabled
    •  Alert Types: Types of alerts the user will receive
      • HighTemp
      • LowTemp
      • Gateway Not Reporting
    • Units to be notified on: Specify which units you would like to receive notifications on
    • Send Window From/To: Time frame to receive notifications
    • Resend Alert: Time frame in which to resend notifications if not rectified
    • Delay: Time added to receiving initial notifications (60 min default)

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