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Digi FreshTemp: Food Probe RT Guide

The Food Probe is a handheld device that works in collaboration with the FreshTemp task management application. The Food Probe, when inserted into the product you are testing, will transmit a temperature onto the handheld device through the Fresh Temps application. 


  1. Action Button: This button can be pressed to capture the temperature and record the temperature to your FreshTemp application
  2. LED: This flashing light will indicate the power supply
  3. Protective Cover: This cover will protect your removable K-Type thermocouple
  4. Thermocouple Probe: This probe will take the temperature of your food product
  5. Micro USB Charging Port: This charging port will enable you to recharge your device
  6. Probe Connector: The probe connector will allow you to connect your K-Type Thermocouple into the device itself
  7. Reset Button: The reset button can reset the device by inserting a paper clip
  8. Rubber Charging Cover: The rubber cover will provide protection to the charging port when not in use

Action Button Functions

  1. Press to power on
  2. Press to submit a task

Reset Button Functions

  1. You will need a paperclip or similar object to reset the Food Probe
  2. Ensure you have plugged your probe into its charger prior to pressing the reset button
  3. Using a paperclip, press the reset button
  4. The charging LED light will turn off signifying that the reset button has been successfully pressed

Charging LED Light

  1. Solid Orange Light: Device is plugged in and charging
  2. Solid Green Light: Device is plugged in and fully charged

Probe Indication LED Lights

  1. Blinking Blue: Device is awake but not connected to the tablet
  2. Blinking Green: Device is connected and sending data
  3. No LED: Device’s battery is dead and needs to be changed

While Holding the Action Button Down

  1. Green: Device’s battery level is at least 40% charged
  2. Yellow: Device’s battery level is between 20% and 40% charged
  3. Red: Device’s battery level is below 20% (charge soon)

Confirming Probe Connectivity

  1. Ensure that the Bluetooth on your device is turned on and that you are using a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device
  2. The Action button will allow you to power the probe on and/or complete a task
  3. Open the FreshTemp mobile application
  4. Tap a Location
  5. Tap a Manager
  6. Tap the Menu
  7. Tap Account
  8. Tap Bluetooth
  9. Tap SMART Probe LE
  10. A temperature reading signifies a successful connection
  • Probe Indication Light
    • Blinking Green: Connected and sending data

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