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Digi SmartTemps: How to Perform a Compliance Check

Your state may require that your temperature monitoring system be verified every quarter for functionality. The following are instructions for performing an Automated Verification and a Manual Verification. Please complete all that apply to your regulations.

Scheduling a Compliance Test

  1. Login to the Command Center (for more detailed information on logging in, click here)
  2. To schedule a compliance test, you must have Director level access 
    • If you do not have Director level access, please contact the Director of your account to schedule the test
  3. On the left side, click Manage > Equipment 
  4. Click the Compliance Test button on the lower right
  5. The OnDemand Compliance Test popup window will appear
  6. Here you can select the site(s) and the method you want to be alerted by (email or phone call)
  7. Click Perform Test

Automated Verification Instructions

  1. Based on the assigned day/time that you've selected each quarter, SmartSense will send a phone and email alert to each location you've selected
  2. After receiving the alert, you can view it by going to Reports > Alerts and Settings
  3. Once there, click the Required Actions tab
  4. When alerts are triggered, documentation needs to be created to indicate whether or not the test was successful
  5. This process is documented by entering a corrective action prompted by the required action created for the test alert
  6. Simply click on the alert type line item and select Create Action
  7. Select Scheduled Review from the drop down menu
  8. Enter a note in the Notes field (ex. Test successful for phone and email alerts) then click Create Note
  9. Once this is completed, the corrective action will appear on the Corrective Actions tab and no longer be listed under required actions
  10. Corrective actions are able to be printed for the date range selected

Manual Verification Instructions

  1. To manually check the live alert system for functionality, simply extract the glycol simulator probe from the refrigerator or freezer
  2. Leave the probe sitting out until an automated phone call has been received
  3. To complete the verification, navigate to Reports > Alerts and Settings
  4. Click the Required Actions tab 
  5. Document the alert it by selecting the High temperature alert
  6. Select Scheduled Review from the dropdown menu and enter a note (ex. Test successful for quarterly freezer check)

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