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How to pair a Display Screen with a Wireless Sensor

with Video

1. First locate the wireless sensor. If it’s already been installed it is likely located inside your fridge or freezer or on a wall if measuring ambient temperature.


2. On the screen press and hold down the power button until you hear two separate sets of beeps. Then quickly let go. You may need to hold the screen to your ear to hear. If you still can’t hear the beeps try holding the button for about 6 seconds then let go.


3. After you let go. The screen will show a message that it has entered Pairing Mode

4. Quickly take the wireless sensor and quickly press and let go the power button. The lights will go on then off. Shortly, the green light will start flashing, indicating that the sensor is searching for a connection.


5. You’ll know the screen and sensor are paired when the screen displays the temperature.

6. Confirm the screen is paired with the correct sensor by matching the 20-digit number located on the screen and the barcode sticker on the side of the sensor.

7. Confirm the temperature is in the desired units; if it is not simply hold the power button until you hear a beep or 3 seconds then let go.

Wireless Sensor                                                   Display Screen

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