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SmartSense Support

Helpful product guides, videos, and downloads to assist with the installation and troubleshooting of your dashboard.

Alerts Settings

From the alert section you can also create sensor alerts or device alerts. Here are details  about all the settings and options.

Add new sensor alert:

  • Choose sensor – Select which sensor the alert should apply to.
  • Alert name – Add a name for the alert.
  • Alert Frequency – With Alert frequency set to  “Only send once”, an alert is sent the first time a sensor reading  exceeds its threshold, then optionally again, if/when the sensor reading  returns to normal (see All Clear). With the Alert Frequency feature  enabled, an alert is sent at the specified interval for the entirety of  the sensor’s alarm period. Since Alert Frequency can generate many  alerts, it requires an additional charge of $5.00/month/device, contact  us to upgrade your plan.
  • Acknowledgement – If the box is unchecked,  alerts will be sent at specified interval until the sensor returns to  normal. If the box is checked, alerts will stop being sent once a user  logs into Insights and Acknowledges the alert, or when the sensor  returns to normal.
  • Alert Type – Depends on the sensor type. For device alerts only: For  USB and WiFi devices, Missed Report will be the only alert available.  For Zpoint Node and Cellular devices, Low battery will be available. AC  Power Lost is only available for the Cellular device.


Alert Types for Device Alerts Only-

  • Missed Report – A notification will be sent,  after the specified number of intervals, if Insights fails to receive  readings from a device and/or sensor. The minimum number of intervals is  4; if a device’s monitoring interval set to 5 minutes and the Missed  Report intervals set to 4, Insights will send a notification after 20  minutes of the device or sensor not reporting. If a sensor port is not  being used anymore, and is keeping the device in a Missed Report alarm,  delete the sensor port.
  • Power Monitor – A notification will be sent when one of the following parameters changes.
  • AC Power Lost – The device has lost AC, or external, power and is running on battery power.
  • Low Battery Warning – The device has less than 50% battery remaining.


Alert Threshold – Select the threshold that will be  used to determine whether an alert should be generated. This threshold,  along with the current reading will be displayed in the alert.

Alarm Delay – By default alarm delay is set to 1.  Alternately, this feature can be used to delay alerts until a sensor has  exceeded its threshold for the specified number of intervals. If a  device’s monitoring interval is 5 minutes, and the alarm delay is set to  3 intervals, an alert will be sent out after 15 minutes of the sensor  remaining in alarm.

Send Notifications – By default notifications will  be sent at all times. If Nights is selected, and the start and stop  times are what ever you set with the expectation that the start time is later than the end time for example 5:00pm to 9:00am. If Nights and Weekends was selected in the above example, alerts would also be sent between 5:00pm and 9:00am Monday to Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday.

Notification Types – Alert notifications can be sent  by email and SMS (text message). Additionally, Plus and Pro Plan users  can send phone call alerts. For international calls, contact us.

  • Add Another Notification – Clicking this button will add another recipient.
  • Add up to 5 notifications of each type: email, SMS and phone.
  • Delete This Notification – Clicking this link will remove the recipient from alert.

Save Alert- Click when done to save your alert.

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