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How To Connect The Wireless Sensor To The CELL

The  Z-Point Wireless Sensor, also known as a Node, relies on a  properly-functioning Cellular Edition (aka, Gateway) to ensure  successful data transmission. The Node does not require access to a  cellular network, only to the Gateway.

Steps to connect a Node to a Gateway: 

  1. Ensure that your Gateway is turned on, and has a working cellular connection. Note: If the Status light is blinking single or double green, your connection is functioning properly
  2. To turn on the Node, use a pen tip or a pin to push in the On/Off button, which is located by the power cord on the device.
  3. Ensure  that the Node is within range of a working Gateway. The typical range  is 1000 feet with direct line of sight, and 300 feet with obstructions.
  4. Within one minute of pressing the On/Off button, the Node automatically connects to the closest working Gateway.
  5. The status light flashes a single green blink when a successful connection has been established.


  • Different light schemes may indicate connection issues. The following table identifies the possible scenarios
  • If you continue experiencing LED issues, please review our Node Troubleshooting Guide

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