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How to Change Batteries in your Wireless Sensor Wireless Sensor

The  batteries in your Wireless Sensor will last from 2 to 5 years,  depending on use. The main factors affecting the life of your battery  are report interval and signal strength.

Note: We  recommend that you use AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries; other  brands have a noticeably shorter life span. Standard alkaline cell  batteries may be used, but they do not perform well under cold  conditions.



  1. Turn the unit over and locate the screw.

    User-added image 
  2. Using a Phillips head screwdriver, unscrew the cover.

    User-added image 
  3. Remove the old batteries.
  4. Replace the batteries with two Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA batteries.
  5. To turn on the device, press and release the On/Off button.



  • Batteries  draining much quicker than expected likely points to a hardware issue.  Please contact us if you are having this problem.
  • Standard alkaline cells can be used, but they will not perform well in cold conditions.
  • Alternate battery types will have a noticeably shorter lifespan.

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