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Troubleshooting Offline Cell Device

This technote offers suggestions for trouble shooting common causes of the "missed report alert". Note these light patterns apply to devices purchased after July 4 2014.

If Red Failure Light is Flashing:

  • 3 Blinks - Device not registered: Contact us with your device ID and email of your account and we will activate it for you.
  • 2 Blinks  - No signal: Try signal finder mode. This should help you find a location with signal. Near windows is usually best. If this does not work contact us to check coverage maps to verify that you have coverage in your area.
  • Fast continual blinking - Modem error: Contact us with your device ID so we can troubleshoot further.
  • 1 Blink  - Failed to communicate to server: Possibly low power. Check if the "Information" light has 3 blinks. If so allow the device to charge for 25-60 minutes.  Once the device is charged, press the on/off button quickly one time to reboot.

Device not powering on or not charging:

  1. If there are no lights on your device: Press the power button if you do not see any lights come one then there is no  power. If you connect the device to a working power source all lights should briefly come one. Please allow 25–60 minutes to charge.
  2. If lights come on but you do not see a single blink on the power light: Your power adapter or outlet may not be working. Connecting the device to a computer’s USB port using the charging cable will allow your device to charge. If the device is charging contact us for a replacement adapter.  3rd party AC to USB adapters should be compatible as long as the output is 5V 1A.

For device purchased before July 2014, please refer to the table below:

NoteFor the TM-CELL200, TM-CELL300, and TM-CELL400 please be sure you have at least one working sensor attached.

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