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Setting up & Troubleshooting Gmail for SMTP

Successfully setting up your mail server gives your device access to send out emails on a specific mailing network.


Steps to setup Gmail for SMTP Server:

  1. In Developer mode ( WiFi Developer Mode Video ), navigate to the "Mail Settings" tab.
  2. Click on the SMTP Server drop down box.
  3. Select "Use Gmail SMTP Server".
  4. Enter Gmail username in the username field (Only enter the information before
  5. Enter your Gmail password.
  6. Enter a recipient email in the Send Daily Status Email to field, then click save.

    *Note: If the send test email does not work, check that port 465 is open on your network and that your password is correct.

    User-added image 
  7. Take  a look at your Gmail account security settings and make sure that  "Access for less secure apps" is enabled from

    User-added image


*Note: If Gmail is not working, see article: Setting up a Custom Mail Server

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