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Location of Error and Debug Logs

The  TempAlert WiFi device features error and debug logs that contain  detailed information about problems that may occur on the device. This  technote will explain how to retrieve your error log and send it to our  support team for assistance.

Note*: Do not unplug your WiFi  device from power after experiencing an issue; shutting down the device  deletes all error and debug log data.



  1. Using an Ethernet cable connect the device to your computer’s port to the device’s PC port. Like shown here.
  2. Type in your browser to connect to the devices web interface.
  3. From  the Help tab, click View error log or View debug log. If you do not see  the help tab follow this link to instructions on how to access it.

    User-added image 
  4. Copy  and paste the error and/or debug log data into an open email message,  and send it to, to open a new support case ticket.  Someone from our support team will contact you with further information  regarding how to resolve your issues.

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