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SmartSense Support

Helpful product guides, videos, and downloads to assist with the installation and troubleshooting of your dashboard.

Setting Up a Wifi Device

Follow these steps to get your WiFi 350 connected to the internet and to Insights(formerly Sensor Cloud).
1. Connect all sensor probes to the device and connect the device to power. All lights come on then go off. This is normal.

User-added image2.  Connect the device to your computer via Ethernet cable. Connect from  the PC port on the device to the Ethernet port of your computer. The lan  light will come on.

User-added image

3.  Type into your browser window and you should see the page  below. If you are unable to connect to the page ensure that your PC is  using DHCP and not a static IP. Check with your office's IT personnel if  you are not sure if you're using a static IP.

*Note your PC does not require internet access to connect to the device.

User-added image

4.  Choose your connection settings by selecting different options in the  drop down menu. Then click 'Next' - this will attempt connection and  save your settings. The internet light will turn on once the device is  connected to the internet.

5. To connect to Insights you must use  an existing account. If you purchased a plan from us during check out  you should have had credentials emailed to you. The free account creation is not functional and will give you an error. Enter your username and password in the email and password boxes and click next.


User-added image

Once connected you will be redirected to Insights. Click here for Insights setup instructions: 1st Time Insights Setup


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