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Wrong Temperature Displayed or Expected

This  technote provides information on varying temperatures that may  occur when using the USB device. If temperature is displayed incorrectly  or not as expected, please review the following suggestions below to  correct the issue.

Temperature is 5 to 10 degrees warmer than expected.

Conduction  of heat from the PC/Server can warm the sensor a few degrees. This  warming effect can vary depending on the processing load of the  PC/Server. Using a USB extension cable can lessen the effect. However,  since the sensor is mounted to the circuit board, the effect cannot be  entirely overcome without an external probe (offered on our WiFi and  Cellular units).

Temperature reads 32°F (or 0°C)

There are two possible causes for this temperature reading:

  1. If the temperature is stuck  on 32°F (or 0°C), there may be a driver issue. Please use the Driver  Removal Tool, then try re-installing the driver.
  2. If  the 32°F (or 0°C) reading appears randomly during operation, you will  either need to download and install hotfix or upgrade to at  least Temperature@lert version 4.0.


Temperature reads 185°F (or 85°C)

This  is the initialization temperature reported by the sensor when  communication is first initiated. Just like the issue above, you will  either need to download and install hotfix or upgrade to  Temperature@lert version 4.0. If this does not fix your issue the sensor  may be damaged.

Temperature is Highly Inaccurate

Check  if your sensor isn't located near a heating or cooling source. Also  check your offset settings. If none of those apply, please try  uninstalling the drivers and re-installing them using the Driver Removal  Tool.

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