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Troubleshooting Emails Not Sending


When  in developer mode if you click the send "Test Mail Server" button and  an email does not appear in your inbox, this could be due to a few  common issues.  This guide will cover the most common occurances.

Spam Folder
Emails  from Temperature@lert often end up in SPAM folders initially. Please  check your SPAM folder to see if test message mistakenly ended up there.  To prevent this from happening again, please add the from address to  your safe senders list (this step varies in each email problem. Please  check with your email vendor for instructions on how to add the from  address to your safe senders list).

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If  your server requires SSL or TLS authentication,simply click the "Enable  SSL/TLS" radio button.  Please note that this will likely require you  to change the "Port" as well.
If  you are unsure, check the error.log file in your Temperature@lert  folder (typically c:\program files\temperature@lert on 32-bit systems  and c:\program files (x86)\temperature@lert on 64-bit systems). If the  error log contains this message: "SMTP protocol error. 504 5.7.4  Unrecognized authentication type", your server requires SSL or TLS  Authentication.

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Firewall Issues
Many  networks have firewalls or other security measures to intercept emails  from unknown senders.  Please ensure both the Temperature@lert is  allowed through any network security features, otherwise emails will not  be sent.
Check the  error.log file in your Temperature@lert folder (typically c:\program  files\temperature@lert on 32-bit systems and c:\program files  (x86)\temperature@lert on 64-bit systems). If the error log contains  this message: "Connection timed out" or "Host could not be reached", you  may have a hardware or software firewall (such as Norton or McAfee)  blocking the connection. Please try opening a port on your hardware  firewall (default is 25, SSL/TLS port 465/587) or unblocking the  Temperature@lert program in your security software.

GMail Email Not Sending

If  you are using the GMail smtp server along with a GMail account, you  will have to enable less secure apps.  This will allow our  Temperature@lert software to send mail via GMail.  Please click here to login to your GMail account and enable less secure apps.

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Using Out of Date Software
If you see the following error: The  server was unable to process the request due to an internal error. For  more information about the error, either turn on  IncludeExeptionDetailInFaults(either from SerivicesBehaviorAttribute or  from the <seriviceDebug> configuration behavior) on the server in  order to send.

Make sure to use the latest version for your operating system.

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